Locally Raised, Sustainable, Responsible

Our beef is raised right here in Western Oklahoma the way we would if we were feeding it to our family—because we do!

We follow NCBA Beef Quality Audit guidelines to insure that your eating experience is second to none.

You can feel good about serving Red Rock Premium Beef to your family and friends.


Dry Aged, Tender, Flavorful

The dry aging process is a time-honored method of insuring that beef reaches its peak flavor and tenderness.

Unfortunately, most beef is not aged because it would require too much time and space for commercial beef packers to age beef in the cooler. Also because beef loses water and therefore weight through the dry aging process, there are fewer pounds to sell, which does not fit in the commercial beef production model.

We want to ensure that Red Rock Premium Beef is the best you can buy so all of our beef is dry aged in the cooler before cutting for maximum tenderness and flavor.


Straight from the Farm, Premium Product, Fair Price

Premium, natural, dry aged beef has been priced out of the range of everyday families, and many people have never had the pleasure of experiencing beef like we believe it was meant to taste.

Buying beef directly from the farm eliminates several "middle men" and makes it economical for you to experience the best beef you have ever tasted.

Red Rock Premium Beef offers packages to fit every budget.